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Main achievements | A care center

Since 1989, a private care center, The Assiut Burns Center, has been treating about 700 new patients per year, under quality medical care and accessible to the poor.

Inaugurated in 2001, a new building was built and equipped specifically for the needs of the Assiut Burns Programme thanks to the support of several European NGOs. At present, more than a 1,000 patients come to the center to follow the various stages of their treatement.


The center consists of the following units:

The average total cost of treatment per patient is about 200 US$
The financial share of the patients is around 10%


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Support the burns victims

The French NGO Médecins pour tous les hommes (MPTH) is one of the founding partners of the Assiut Burns Programme and its official, technical consultant regarding all medical and paramedical issues as well as for staff training. MPTH is also a member of the steering committee which meets once or twice a year.